We currently have 279 questions containing "stratified sampling", and 84 questions containing ""stratified sampling"" (the phrase, including quotation marks). Would it make sense to start tagging these with a tag? I don't really feel overly qualified to do so myself...

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    Prima facie, this seems appropriate, but I'm not a survey expert either. – gung Jul 25 at 16:42
  • We already have tags for [sampling] and [stratification] so as long as they do not want to add more than three other tags I would have thought that was adequate. – mdewey Jul 26 at 7:52
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    @mdewey: I wasn't aware of stratification. Thanks! I agree that that is all we need. – Stephan Kolassa Jul 26 at 8:02
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    @AndreSilva: they weren't, sorry and thanks. Now they are. – Stephan Kolassa Jul 27 at 6:19
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mdewey points to the tag, which is all we need.

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    Mark as accepted? – amoeba Jul 28 at 9:20
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    @amoeba: good point. (I honestly thought I couldn't accept my own answer...) – Stephan Kolassa Jul 28 at 12:53

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