I have discovered that I can find out the fate of my flags by clicking on the relevant field in my profile where it tells me how many helpful flags I have raised. I understand what "helpful" means, but what is the difference between "disputed" and "declined"?

Note: this is not a complaint, false positives are almost inevitable in any realistic signal detection task.


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In case @glen_b does not have time to answer and close the thread I am posting here his links What is a disputed flag? and What is the difference between disputed and declined flags?

In the hope that others may learn from my two mistakes :

First mistake was to forget that this was likely to be an SE-wdie issue so serching as I did just on Meta-CV was not going to work.

Second mistake was not to think through what my area of ignorance really was. In fact reading the helpful linked posts it is clear that I did not really understand what happens to flags at all. I have subsequently re-read the description of the Flag posts privilege which has helped clear up some of my confusion.


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