I found a question on StackOverflow that I thought might be more of a statistics question, so I thought I would head over to stats.SE to check out the FAQ to see what's on-topic.

There's no obvious link to a FAQ, but there is a link to a "tour", and that has a link to the FAQ. Unfortunately, the FAQ page just redirects you to the tour.

While I would hope that the FAQ (or criteria for "on-topic" questions) would be readily available from the help page of the site, at the very least the link for it on the tour should be fixed.


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For guys arriving here now, the hyperlinks on the Cross Validated (CV) tour page were fixed (as stated by cardinal).

Where is the FAQ?

  1. CV's Tour. For quick comprehension about how the Stack Exchange sites work.
  2. CV's Help Center. This is the FAQ.
  3. What is Meta? This will help understanding what the meta site is for and how it works.
  4. Posts on CV meta tagged . These posts are complementary guidelines developed by our community.

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