Right now the 'beta' tag refers to the distribution of that name. Does it need clarification or amendment to deal with beta as used in finance (a measure of risk, I think).


It would do no harm to add a clarification inside the tag wiki, such as:

Tag usage

Do not use this tag for Beta as measurement of how much an asset return can be predicted by a benchmark (finance context). Consider using the tags , and/or , instead.

This was just a rough suggestion (both wiki amendment and beta-risk tag).

It seems there are no current threads labelled outside the beta-distribution concept.
This is why I am suggesting to add the clarification inside the wiki and not inside the excerpt (but no objection using the excerpt, if one prefers).

Doing a research by [finance] beta is:question it returned 4 questions. I believe the newest one is a candidate to place the new tag, if it is the case.

Can I run a regression where dependents are coefficients from other regression and independents are R squared from these regressions?


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