A quick search for "chat" in the questions turns up this. But from what I interpret this is for meta-discussion. So, is there a chat room for stats? If not, can there be? I don't see a link at the top of the page (image stolen from Stack Overflow FAQ):

The Notifications Bar

Update: This is the top of my page. Is there something I am missing?

My Notifications Bar


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There should be links at the top and bottom of each screen:

top line

bottom line

If you're still stuck, navigate to http://chat.stackexchange.com/.


An unfortunate "feature" of the current SE interface is that the "chat" link on the top bar is temporarily replaced by a "blog" link whenever a new blog article is posted. (Don't get me going on how confusing it is to users when their interface morphs around...) This appears to be the cause of this question. Please note, though, that the bottom links have been constant and do not seem to come and go in the same way: chat has always been available there.

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