I just made a tag wiki for , and have previously made ones for and . Within these I try to provide various resources I think posters who ask questions related to these specific software packages would be interested in, including blogs, other forums, and books.

The excerpt for the tag-wiki (the short message that is provided when tagging a question) is sometimes used to give useful advice on how the tag should be used in our particular community. See SO's advice on writing tag wiki excerpts. I believe we should discourage writing questions in which the only tag is one of the statistical software packages. In the context of this community, IMO this amounts to being a meta tag.

Would a statement, within the tag wiki excerpt, stating this be appropriate? For an example,

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a proprietary cross-platform general-purpose statistical software package. While questions related to statistical analysis in SPSS are on topic, if the question is solely about programming aspects in SPSS, one is encouraged to visit several of the other forums presented in the tag wiki.

I'm sure this statement can be improved (I think striving for a much shorter statement is preferable), but does the community agree with the concept of putting some sort of warning message to discourage only using stat software tags for questions?

As an aside, I would like to encourage everyone to contribute to these (and other tag wiki's) with resources that you feel are beneficial. If you don't like the sources I have provided, think I have omitted some important ones (or think I am being too verbose) feel free to edit it. It's not like I'm the boss!


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I think this is a good principle and am pleased that it is not specific to any software package. Please note that our FAQ, which directly addresses this issue, and the meta thread at Internet Support for Statistics Software both constitute linkable resources that could be included in such wikis.


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